Your Tefillin

To determine which tefillin are right for you, we must answer the following four questions:

Question #1

Concerning the ksav, which minhag does your father follow - Ashkenaz, Sefard or Sefaradi?
(Note: Ashkenaz = Beis Yosef and Sefard = Ar"i z"l)

ALl Hebrew Styles

Question #2

Are you right handed or left handed? Your tefillin will be put on the opposite arm answered to this question.

Question #3

Does the knot on the back of your father's shel rosh look like a "daled" or a "square"?

Question #4

Does your father wrap the retzuos of his shel yad "in" or "out" ? (Note: "in" is most common for ashkenazim whereas "out" is most common for chassidim and sefardim)

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